Baby Updates: Life + Nursery Preparations!

Well, hello! Happy Tuesday! The last few weeks have been pretty chaotic around here getting ready for the last trimester of the pregnancy! Rod and I have rearranged the house, thrown lots of knick-knacks into storage, donated things we don’t need to charity, sold and bought furniture… the list goes on! Could it be that we’re nesting? Ha! I just love that word. We’re selling our cute two-door convertible car as well because let’s face it – having to put a child in the backseat when they’re all sorts of moving and potentially throwing an outrageous tantrum is not my idea of fun. Especially not when you’re trying to hold the seat forward, the door open, have all the shopping and all that jazz – you get the picture! So, it’s time to upgrade I think. At the moment her nursery is in our bedroom and I just wanted to share this cute snap of how part of the nursery are coming together. I’ve gotten some more items for her area since this picture – including a collection of short stories by my favorite child author, Beatrix Potter, a crocheted garland and some more toys! It’s all getting so real, we’re super excited.

Anyway, speak to you soon! Catch me hanging out on Instagram and Facebook – come by and say hi!


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