Hydrating into Fall: Copper Water Pitcher

Whacha know, H2O? We all know the importance of keeping hydrated – healthy skin, flushing out toxins and generally staying alive (lol). I confess, I am probably the worst person at remembering to drink water and suffer greatly from water envy when I see others with their healthy hydration lifestyle. So, when the wonderful folks at Shantiva hooked me up with a pure copper pitcher I jumped at the opportunity instantly because, let’s face it, these pitchers are not only gorgeous, they have immense health benefits and inspired to me start drinking more water. Don’t forget to share your comments below if you own one of these or want to share more wisdom on the topic!

*Thank you to Shantiva (@shantivashop) for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are (of course) my own.

Shantiva Copper Water Pitcher has great health benefits! - thecasualfree.com

One of my favorite things about these pitchers is that they’re made by traditional artisans and aren’t coated in any toxic lacquers. I really appreciate the lengths that Shantiva has gone to in order to ensure our safety and bring us something that is top product quality. There’s tons of research out there on the benefits of copper but I was unaware of the positive effects of drinking water from a pure copper pitcher can have on the way you feel every day and your long-term health. During my coffee with the lovely CEO of Shantiva, I was schooled on the extensive benefits of this amazing metal. When infused with water it: Enhances Digestion, Supports a Healthy Immune System, Creates Anti-Oxidants, Improves Cardiovascular and Thyroid Health, Stimulates the Brain (I definitely need that in the morning), Prevents Arthritis & Inflammation and of course, keeps your Skin Clear and Glowing! Umm.. what more could you want?

Shantiva Copper Water Pitcher has great health benefits! - thecasualfree.com

I’m starting to love my morning routine of drinking a big glass of charged water (on an empty tummy!) before breakfast. Morning time is definitely the hardest time of the day for me to drink plain ol’ water so it’s helpful to do something productive like go over the to-do work and chores list I have for the day. I’m certainly feeling ready and energized to tackle the new season just around the corner and honestly, I’m really proud of myself for rising up to the challenge of drinking more water.

Shantiva Copper Water Pitcher has great health benefits! - thecasualfree.com

Let me know in the comments below if you own one of these beautiful pitchers or have any wisdom to share on the benefits of copper pitchers! Thanks so much for stopping by and see you on the ‘Gram for more!


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  1. heather_kolman2
    August 27, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    These are so beautiful!!

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