#FreeFavorites: March 2017

It’s Spring, one of my favorite seasons! LA warms up into pre-summer mode and you can bust out your little shorts and tees, hit the beach for some light tanning and get inspired creatively. Everything seems to just renew in this season, growing and reviving. Follow on for my #FreeFavorites this month!

DW Home Candles

I picked up these little candles of joy at Marshalls for $3.99 each and they have a beautiful, rich scent that just fills the room with Spring happiness! My favorite scents so far have been Caribbean Breeze, Hyacinth Bloom and a pinky Rose-scented one that I can’t remember the name of now (I want to say it’s called Lily Rose?). They don’t have an overpowering scent – just enough to grace the room.


BCBG Handbag

This little handbag is so cute and has been super practical for running errands with. It’s actually part of a larger handbag by BCBG which I also love but lately, at the end of my pregnancy, I’ve wanted to keep what I carry to a minimum. I love the fresh pink/rose color and it actually fits all the little things I need. I picked up the whole handbag set for about $40 at TJ MAXX. Score!


Smashbox “Always On Gel Liner” Eye Pencil

These eye liner pencils have wriggled their way into my makeup routine. They have such a great glide-on and pigmentation! The hues I most use are “Brewed” (brown), “Moody” (Taupe), “White” and “Bubbly” (Rose Gold). Excellent quality and stay on all day! $18 a pop on the Smashbox website.


Benefit “Boi-ing” Concealer

I came back to the Benefit Boi-ing concealer after trying some other brands for a little while and I’m so glad I did! This matte formula is so creamy and yummy on the skin. A little goes a long way with it. I usually apply it with my finger because I find it melts into the skin a lot better than with a brush. Keep it tightly sealed because it can dry out quickly otherwise! This shade is number 03 which is a little more “tan” color but I often use a shade darker than my skin because I find it often conceals better than slapping on tons of shades lighter. $20 a pop on Sephora.


Rose Water

I have seen this marketed in fancy-shmansy bottles for SO much money here in the USA as a real upscale product (not the specific brand pictured). This is just a simple bottle of Rose water which I always stock up on in Portugal when I go back home and visit. It’s literally $1.50 at the supermarket there – not considered upscale at all – and is so ridiculously refreshing for your face at the end or beginning of the day. I incorporate it into my makeup removal routine also at the very end of removing everything. Put a couple of dabs on a cotton pad and feel the freshness! Burts Bees have a version here for $11.99.



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