3 Reasons To Rent A House On Vacation

The Zentral Arenal Suites - Sevilla, Spain on Booking.com - by thecasualfree.com

I can think of countless great reasons why renting a house or apartment on vacation is the perfect option for accommodation. I’m certainly biased because when Rod and I travel, we hardly ever stay in anything except a rented pad. I think we just enjoy the independence and uniqueness that comes with making that choice. Below are some of my top picks from Booking.com and my own travel photos along with 3 great reasons to rent a house on vacation! Oh and did I mention I’ve got you a hook up? Your very own code to get you started with $30 off your next booking. Yep, make sure you share those vacation photos with me afterwards!

*This post is a collaboration with Booking.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own (read more here on this!).

Piece of Paradise in Oahu, Hawaii - Ana Free on Lanikai Beach

1. Experience living at your destination.

Maybe it’s the familiar feeling of a home-away-from-home setting, but we always find there’s a real magic that comes with renting a home/apt at your destination. It truly feels as though you can step into the shoes of a local and pretend you live there for a little while. Walking into a private house/apt makes you feel like you actually have a house in the city. The loftesque apartment below is one of my top picks from the Booking.com listings: The Zentral Arenal Suites in Seville, Spain. The large ceiling sky-lights flood the space with natural light which seals the deal. The plants and décor add a personal and welcoming touch. It’s exactly the kind of ambience I’d want to wake up and go to bed in! Seville is the perfect size city for a cultural getaway trip of sightseeing and great food! I recommend touring the huge Parque Maria Luisa in the horse and carriage ride on a warm evening and, if you’re not cooking in your borrowed kitchen, then our favorite spot for some food is Cervecería Giralda Tapas Bar just off the cathedral square on Calle Mateos Gago.

The Zentral Arenal Suites - Sevilla, Spain on Booking.com - by thecasualfree.com

The Zentral Arenal Suites - Sevilla, Spain on Booking.com - by thecasualfree.com

2. Enjoying all the amenities you’d have at home.

I’ll admit it. I’m that person who busts into the rental pad with excitement at every little detail, opens all the closets to peek inside, ever impressed by the fact I have pots and pans I can use, laundry machines and the ability to feel independent and at home. I feel so happy knowing the choice is there to just chill and do our thing without leaving the house if we’re on a lazy day. My next top pick was this jaw-dropping haven of peace in Sydney, Australia: Maroubra Beach House. The views are vast and breathtaking and the interior spaces are oriented towards relaxation. I love the touch of the waterfall in the little pool area and the earthy wood textures throughout the house. Again, I’m partial to a choice like this because I’m dying to visit the land down under. I’ve heard so much about the beaches and love the music and fashion scene. The fact that an amazing and personal space such as this is up for grabs to rent just makes me want to visit even more. Don’t just take my word for it though, the photos are right there…

Gorgeous views at Maroubra Beach House - Sydney, Australia on Booking.com - thecasualfree.com

Pool at Maroubra Beach House - Sydney, Australia on Booking.com - thecasualfree.com Living Room at Maroubra Beach House - Sydney, Australia on Booking.com - thecasualfree.com

3. Trust The Locals.

You’re already a stranger in a new place, why not really dive in and live it like a local? Often times the most memorable reason to rent a house or apartment on vacation is because the host usually shares their customized list of local hotspots, nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t find in the tour guides. Our hosts often leave their personal suggestions of where to visit, eat and shop. This kind of stuff is so invaluable when you have only a short time to stay and don’t want to waste time on the wrong choices in town! The hosts leave their personal touch on so many levels. Isn’t that cool? Below are some photos from our family trip to Hawaii where we found some of the best (and emptiest!) beaches because our host knew all the local hideouts. It’s truly an immersive experience.

Oahu, Hawaii Palm Trees along the beautiful beaches!

Ana Free in Roxy Bikini, Oahu Hawaii

I hope you’ve got some of your inspiration going for thinking about your next vacation this year. Use the following promo link/promo code to get $30 off your next house or apartment rental with Booking.com: https://www.booking.com/s/65b0e8f2

Let me know in the comments below where you’ve stayed and what you loved the most about renting a house/apt on vacation! Thanks for stopping by, drop in for more daily updates over on the ‘Gram and here for more travel fun!




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