Back To School + Fighting Childhood Hunger

Back To School + Fighting Childhood Hunger

As I type this, I am trying to wrap my head around the horrifying facts I’ve recently learned about childhood hunger in the US. 13 million kids in the US struggle with hunger and over half of public school students in America are from low-income families. 1 in 6 children in the US struggle with hunger and millions rely on school meals for regular meals and sometimes lunch is their last meal of the day (whattttttt?? this terrifies me). In the summers, when school is out, a staggering 6 out of 7 children DON’T get the meals they need.

*This post is a collaboration with Stage Stores. All thoughts and opinions are my own (read more here on this!).

Today I’m thrilled to be partnering up with Stage once again for what is probably one of the closest collaborations to my heart to date! Zoe starts preschool in a few weeks. We’re so excited and happy. But, as parents, we could never imagine Zoe having anything less than the best we can provide for her, especially when it comes to basic human needs such as food. Stage Stores is helping to fuel kids’ futures by partnering up with No Kid Hungry. Stage have exclusively designed Back To School products and 50% of the sales of those products will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

Stage Stores is a great destination for all your family’s shopping needs. Whether it’s great fashion, back to school supplies, beauty, home decor (see my Spring redecoration with Stage items here), Stage carry lots of affordable options! So know that when you’re shopping here, whether in-store or online, you’re supporting great causes without breaking your bank balance. We can all be part of the solution in the simplest ways. Read on to see how even a simple social share or hashtag can help this movement.

This adorable lunch tote, designed for the No Kid Hungry campaign, is perfect for back to school. It’s just the right size for Zoe to hold and a lot fits inside it! I also LOVE the “I’m so egg-stra” because um, well, Zoe’s epic prima donna is beginning to hatch!

One of the really fun parts of back to school shopping is finding great outfits for the kids. After Zoe’s summer camp experience this past July, I vowed to never send her to school in anything dainty or bright white (haha and now I understand why their fingernails are eternally dirty too). While browsing Stage for some new clothes, I opted for simple, easy and comfortable clothing and shoes. A few of my picks are below!

This sweet Carter’s giraffe tank top pairs perfectly with her favorite cat jeans or overalls. I also gave into the Crocs craze (the kids ones are too cute!) and got her these hot pink ones with lots of entertaining things to look at and learn the names of! She’s been wearing them every single day. Great for water play, beach days, park dates and back to school!

I scooped up a pair of pink velcro Converse sneakers too. She doesn’t fit into them quite yet but I know she’ll love them once she does! They go with everything and the velcro straps are serious time savers for us!

No back to school is complete without a fun backpack! Zoe doesn’t take anything inside them yet but she feels like a big girl when she puts it on. It’s so cute! This mint green Laura Ashley kitty cat backpack is adorable and spacious. The multi colored reversible sequin backpack was the subject of much awe when she first saw it. The sequins are silver underneath and you can stroke them the other way to make the whole front silver. She doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet but it’s fun to watch her slowly learn how it works.

I know I said nothing prim and proper for back to school. BUT LOOK at this ice cream dress. JUST LOOK. How could I resist!? *crying face emoji everywhere* She is cute as a button in this little number with the bow detail. And it’s true, I might never send her to school in it but it’s perfect for other occasions.

How You and I Can Help

From July 21st to August 31st 2019, Stage will be hosting some great activations and give back initiatives to raise money for No Kid Hungry. You can get involved in store or online.

50% of the retail sales price of No Kid Hungry Back to School items at or in-store will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

From July 21st to August 31st 2019, you can help by posting a photo on your Instagram feed showing your support for No Kid Hungry. Use the hashtag #FuelKidsFuture and Stage will donate $1.00 to No Kid Hungry (up to $25,000). THIS LAST ONE IS SO SIMPLE. Come on, it’s a hashtag! 🙂

Find out more about this initiative by stopping by the Stage Stores x No Kid Hungry campaign page HERE. What’s you’re favorite thing about back to school? Is it a time you look forward to or does it make you kinda nostalgic?Let me know below and see you guys for more adventures over on the ‘Gram and stories!


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