Newborn Outfits by Wedoble

Green knit sweater and shorts with bow details for newborn outfit idea!

Who doesn’t love newborn outfits? They are adorable and make babies seem oh-so edible when they are dressed in them! Today on the blog I’m introducing you to Wedoble – a home-grown Portuguese baby apparel brand that work in delicate knits. They sent me a selection of their pieces while I was still pregnant with Zoe and now that she’s big enough to fit in them, I wanted to make a dedicated blog post because I think they are a dynamic brand with timeless and elegant outfits for every occasion. I had a great time getting Zoe dressed up in these and taking the photos for you, so here we go!

*Thank you to Wedoble for sending me these products to try out. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Knit Overalls & matching Booties

This outfit is just precious for a special occasion. It’s really easy and practical to get on – start with the legs (no need to unbutton the bottom) and just button up the top straps over the shoulders and there you go! The matching booties with button and criss-cross strap details are the perfect little complement to this outfit.

Knit Sweater & Bow Shorts

How cute!? What really pulls this outfit together is the statement feminine bow on the back of the shorts. It is a simple detail that really makes this two-piece set pop and call attention. The sweater buttons down the back and features an elegant diamond detail across the front. Unfortunately, Zoe doesn’t quite fit into the sweater yet (at 4 weeks old) but when she does I can’t wait to put her in this outfit more!

Knit & Cotton Marine Onesie with matching Booties

I like that this piece feels fresh and unisex. The baby blue and boats/marine theme might make you categorize this outfit for a boy but actually, this garment has very feminine accents including the knitted fringe that transitions the knitted top section to the cotton bottom and the frills bordering the bottom of the legs!

If you’d like to see more of the gorgeous items from this Portuguese brand then click here to visit the Wedoble website! Happy shopping!

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Adorable Knitted Newborn Outfits by Wedoble -



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  1. Mary
    May 24, 2017 / 3:04 am

    OMG they’re so adorable AND ZOE IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG!! (tem a quem sair hihi)

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