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Babbleboxx PopChips Back To School Snacks -

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Babbleboxx Back To School Snacks - Popchips

Back to school is upon us! There is a lot to plan for this year because Zoe will be starting preschool in the fall. One of the parts of back to school that stresses me out a little is keeping her school lunch varied and interesting. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the whole having to plan ahead for that almost every day while trying to keep her lunchbox healthy and appetizing. Delicious back to school snacks that keep the kids happy are precious finds so imagine my delight when we got to try out popchips 6-ct variety packs!

Babbleboxx Popchips Back To School Snacks - 6 ct Variety Pack -

These super snackable on-the-go packs come with the two best-selling flavors – sea salt and BBQ! They’re made with real ingredients, are non-GMO and gluten free, have no cholesterol, trans fats, added preservatives, synthetic colors or artificial flavors. It’s safe to say we can be sure that back to school snacking is kept in strict check for our kids without sacrificing on taste!

Babbleboxx Popchips Single Packs- Back To School Snacks -

I always shoot for the really simple flavors when it comes to my choices of chips. The Sea Salt popchips have the perfect light savory flavor and the BBQ is tangy but not overpowering (good for kids)! Zoe loves the crunchy texture and light bites of these yummy snacks. And it’s not just for back to school either – we take these little single bags with us on beach days, road trips and play dates.

Babbleboxx PopChips Back To School Snacks -

I really appreciate that popchips are popped (not fried) because I do believe it’s a healthier option than regular potato chips in the way that they’re manufactured. All the flavor and much less fat! As a lifestyle choice, it works for our family since we all seem to be natural snackers. They go SO well with dips (we like home made hummus and tzatziki) but also work as a lil extra somethin’ alongside a wrap or sandwich.

Let me know what your go-to back to school snacks are for this upcoming season? Are popchips on the list!? (hint: they should be)! See you lovelies soon for more adventures over on the ‘Gram! Thanks for stopping by! x


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