#FreeFavorites: Early Summer 2017

VIchy Facewash Summer Favorites - thecasualfree.com

We are officially in full Summer swing (if you’re up here with us in the Northern Hemisphere) and I have gathered some of my favorite things I’ve been using over the first half of it. As usual, I tried to balance things out with a little of everything from beauty to bath and baby! Read on for more and don’t forget you can shop these products (or similar) below! Let me know what you thought in the comments and I’ll catch you on the ‘Gram and Facebook!

VICHY Pureté Thermale Facewash

I literally love this stuff! I maxxed my last bottle out so quickly. This light gel lathers wonderfully in your hands and smells amazing. It is made for sensitive skin, easy wash off, paraben free and allergy tested. It’s also enriched with the plant Moringa which has many nutritional qualities and is generally heaven on the face!

PIZ BUIN & Baby Bum Sunscreen

One of my besties and I share an obsession with Piz Buin sunscreen, I don’t know why. Maybe because it gives you such a wonderful golden brown tan and has a really smooth formula. I bought a set while back home in Europe which contained the Tan & Protect Oil with 30 SPF (featured here in the photo) and two other bottles of cream which are allergy tested. Then for the baby bubba I’m into a great yummy-smelling mineral formula by Baby Bum 30 SPF which I have in both a cream and a stick! As always, please be extra careful under the sun. Our skin is delicate and precious so always get that sunscreen on!

Modern Renaissance Eye Palette & Fresh Sugar Lip Balm

Modern Renaissance Eye Makeup Palette - thecasualfree.com

Ooh, I can’t say enough good things about this Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. I had just splurged on some Too Faced prior to getting this so I had a little retail guilt after paying for it but I am so happy I did because I’ve been playing with all the pigmented and gorgeous colors since summer began. The formula is so good and probably the most blendable powdered shadow I’ve ever used. My favorite shades are Raw Sienna, Red Ochre, Venetian Red and Realgar. Don’t be put off by the bold colors in this collection, honestly, there are so many beautiful looks you can create with this palette. As for showing your lips a little hydration love, I’ve been using the Sugar Advanced Therapy lippie by Fresh!

White Armani Watch

White Armani Watch - thecasualfree.com

There’s something elegant, feminine and summery about white watches. This was one of the first purchases I made when I went to New York City alone on a music video shoot a couple of years back and I’ve cherished it ever since. I never tire of it. The weight of this ceramic watch is really comfortable and just feels like a great quality accessory. Not to mention, it goes with everything!

Tribal Choker & Bandana

Tribal Metal Choker and Bandana - thecasualfree.com

How gorgeous is this piece of jewelry!? I came across it at one of my go-to stores called Pull & Bear while I was on vacation in Portugal and insisted that Rod get it for me (well, c’mon, he was already in the queue to pay)! They don’t have the best quality jewelry by any means but their designs can be pretty spot on. It’s surprisingly light and well put together. It’s the perfect summer accessory for pairing with an off the shoulder top or anything that lends itself to an open neckline. The burgundy bandana was a score from Zara and has been on trend for a while to use as a necklace/scarf situation. I love the idea because I always like my neck to be covered up in something in the evenings when it can get chilly so this bandana/scarf serves the purpose of being fashionable and cosy!

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  1. juoll6
    Agosto 24, 2017 / 6:54 pm

    I love the color themes in this post. All products look so good, nice variation too:) x

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