Pretty In Laranjinha

Cute Mint Stripes Baby Dress by Laranjinha -

Today I’m introducing you to another gorgeous and stylish Portuguese baby apparel brand. Meet Laranjinha! It is always an honor to devote a blog post to a unique and fun brand hailing from my home country of Portugal. Have a peek at the cute & adorable clothing they make with soft and fresh fabrics (mainly cotton) so that your little one is comfortable, happy and extra stylish all day! Leave a comment below with your thoughts and don’t forget you can click here to go straight to Laranjinha to get your goodies today!

*Thank you to Laranjinha for sending me these products to try out. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Minty Fresh

Cute Mint Stripes Baby Dress by Laranjinha -

I ordered this dress in size 3 months because I couldn’t resist seeing Zoe wear it throughout the LA summer time. It’s so light and cute for the season! I love the elegant take on the color scheme. The mint stripes make a nice change from the typical blue stripes you often see around. The back features a cutesy bow and button detail also. There is material built into the interior to cover up the diaper area with the classic small metal button snaps so that you don’t see the diaper, and that’s also super practical because let’s face it – it can get annoying when these cute outfits aren’t secretly a one-piece and your baby’s clothing just rides up their body all the time amiright!?

The White Body

Cute White Baby Romper by Laranjinha -

Nothing like a classic white onesie to keep your baby nice and cool for the summer! Especially one with ruffles and a bow! I picked this elegant piece out for Zoe in size 6 months but have already put her in it (couldn’t resist) because the cut is so comfortable and roomy. I love how it balloons a little down around the butt area. Zoe is always able to be really active in this outfit!

Blush Baby Dress

Cute Blush Pink Baby Dress by Laranjinha -

Cute Blush Pink Baby Dress by Laranjinha with button detail! -

You can’t go wrong with Blush tones. Ever. This little dress is so adorable! I’m itching to get Zoe into it but I ordered it in a size 12 months so it’s going to be over half a year at least before that happens. The front lace detail around the collar makes this piece perfect for a special occasion like a birthday, baptism, wedding etc. The back sports little pink pearly buttons which is helpful for me because Zoe hates getting her arms threaded through sleeves so anything that can go on like a jacket is welcome, haha!

And that’s all 3 outfits by Laranjinha! The pieces are durable, hold up very well in the washing process (follow the label though!) and I’m glad these pieces will last in the closet! Truly, I am always amazed by the designs of baby clothing and Laranjinha have some of the highest quality craftsmanship I’ve dressed my baby in.



  1. jillian_by_night
    Setembro 25, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    Omg these outfits!!! What a cute brand!

    • Ana Free
      Outubro 9, 2017 / 7:37 am

      I know right!? Thanks chica 🙂

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