The game-changing baby sleep app: Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers!

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As a mom of 3 kids under 7, I’ve heard a *lot* of “you gotta have this for your baby!” and it takes something special to wow me these days! When it comes to the kids, at all their different ages and stages, we have everything pretty much figured out and running smoothly. Except for that one S-word: sleep. We’ve been asked to take a look at, use and review the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers app. Use it we did and review it we shall!

This post is a collaboration with Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers! All thoughts and opinions are my own (read more here on this!).

Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with moments of joy and, let’s be honest, sleepless nights. While the joys of watching our little one grow are priceless, it’s ALWAYS been essential to help them establish healthy sleep patterns. Rest is paramount to our functioning happily and well each day. We did various methods of sleep training with Zoe and Amelie, so I’m really familiar with what sleep training is and how it works. That gives me a chance to bring you an in-depth and detailed review of the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers app which we have been using to a T with baby Francis!

+ Understanding the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers

Francis has just turned 1, and an ongoing issue we’ve had for months is his early wake ups and tracking his day time naps. As a family of late risers, it’s been exhausting to be waking up at 5.30 or 6am no matter what time we put him down. The information in the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers app is backed by science and designed by pediatric sleep consultants and pediatricians, so I know we’re in good hands when it comes to the information and education. The app is a game-changer that gives you step by step guidance. It not only tracks Francis’s sleep but actually creates a fully custom sleep plan tailored to your baby. Valuable insights into sleep training and mini courses help your child on their journey to sleep success. The Smart Sleep Schedule takes all the guesswork out of naps, wake windows and bedtimes. As busy parents, one of the things we really value (and need!) are the notifications for checking for sleepy cues and nap time. Other features that we’ve really enjoyed so far are:

1. Setting it up is easy and intuitive:

This app is really well designed. It’s intuitive to navigate from setup to actual daily use of it. You answer a quick 3-minute quiz about your baby’s sleep habits and then move through the mini-courses that are extremely well thought out. The information is easy to understand and digest with its mix of text and videos by sleep specialists and consultants. I love that you go through the education first so you can really get a sense of what is happening with your baby and feel confident for the sleep-training days ahead, wherever you find yourself in the process.

2. Sleep Training Guidance + Mini Courses:

As I mentioned, the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers offers really valuable guidance that really goes beyond sleep training, teaching you the best practices for helping your baby sleep through the night. That’s incredibly useful because sleep training is NOT an easy time for most parents. There’s a lot of anxiety and second-guessing around it so it’s great that you learn along the way and remember your WHY so you can stick to it. Consistency is key when it comes to helping your child learn to sleep independently. For parents new to the world of sleep training, the app offers mini courses that cover various aspects of helping your child sleep better. The bite-sized lessons are not overwhelming at all and I recommend just going at your own pace (perfect for parents with busy schedules)!

3. The Power of Sleep Tracking

The app allows you to effortlessly track your baby’s sleep cycles, including nap durations and night-time sleep. If you forgot to start tracking in real time then you can always edit the day’s entries and manually input that information. I love that it provides detailed sleep insights, so I can understand Francis’s sleep patterns better. It’s been particularly useful for naptime, where we are often juggling the rhythm of the busy day and half the time forget to check what time he fell asleep and woke up. So I am obsessed with this function! because it helps me zoom out and see the big picture of what’s happening with Francis’s wake windows and sleep length. Another cool thing is you can easily log any overnight wakings which is super helpful. I make a note of what I think the reason was too – was he congested? Did he nurse enough? Was the room too warm/cold? When their nap or night time is underway, a little timer bar appears at the top of the app that shows you the time elapsed since they went to sleep!

5. Guidance for Effective Sleep Training

The Knowledge Center is awesome! This app doesn’t just leave you hanging with sleep data. It offers a wealth of guidance and information on sleep training. Sleep training can be a daunting process for parents and learning about what *actually* happens while your baby learns to fall asleep independently really helps ease your anxiety about things like crying, frustration and your own self-doubt during the process. It’s basically a sleep consultant in your pocket!

+ What I’d Love To See In Future Updates

This app is a keeper for us. We use every features it offers and the insights are fantastic, it’s SO easy to understand and interpret the data. One thing I’d love to see in a future update is a few more quick-tap experiences in it. For example, if I pause the Night Sleep because Francis is awake, I’d love there to be a few tag-style quick buttons I can track to log why he woke up. Something I can customize even, like, Sick, Diaper Change, Lost Binky (haha!), Nursing. Just something that could build upon the already amazing app that this is!

Sleep training is tricky, but I promise it is an experience you can approach with confidence and positivity. I cannot emphasize the importance of a well-rested family enough! The Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers is a valuable resource to help even a seasoned parent navigate the world of sleep training.

So here’s what I recommend if you’re ready to reclaim your nights: head over to the app store to start a free 7-day trial, and start on the road to restful nights for both you and your little one with the confidence your family deserves!


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