Spring Outfit Idea: My Current Go-To!

Spring Outfit Idea: Polka Dots and Mustard Pants. By Ana Free on thecasualfree.com

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing a fresh and chic Spring outfit idea which has been my obsession as of late! Since becoming a mommy last year, it’s been a really personal journey for me to find my style identity again. Since I was breastfeeding, I needed to stock up on practical pieces instead of the gorgeous and fun ones I really wanted to wear. Plus, getting those deep transverse abdominals back into their pre-baby shape has been SO tough too (mommas raise your hands if you’re with me and leave tips down below if you have any)! But, I love experimenting with different pieces and trying new things and I’m not going to get a little thing like that ruin all my fashion fun. So, one of my favorite finds to keep me feeling fashionable is, of course, the current high waisted pant trend that has been floating around. While I was in Portugal in early April, I hit up my favorite stores to see what took my fancy. And yes, this kind of look has become my current Spring outfit obsession and I’ve been wearing this and versions of this ever since I hopped on the trend train. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to stop by and say hi on my Instagram too!

Because I’m most often found in full mommy mode, a bun on top of the head or high pony tail is my favorite look to keep my hair in! Pair this up with simple hoop earrings and channel that Latina vibe all day. The right pair of earrings can really take an outfit from nice to ooh-guuuuurl *snaps fingers*. I love the thick mesh of the Zara polka dot bathing suit (which I’m using as a body suit) because it’s comfortable and feels nice and snug on the body. The high-waisted fabric pants from Pull & Bear are so versatile and cute that I got them in both mustard and pastel rose colors!

I decided to keep my makeup super simple because I just wanted to sport that fresh Spring feeling! I went with a medium coverage foundation, concealer, a little contour, blush, highlight, cream eye shadow & liner (for some depth!) and some lip gloss. The gold cuff bracelet was a gift from my bestie and I’m not sure where she got it *sorry*!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful May and let me know what other Spring outfit ideas you have been rocking this season in the comments below, on Instagram or Pinterest!




  1. Lucy
    May 11, 2018 / 3:11 pm

    So attractive! Lovely. Your blogs inspire me. You write so well. Xx

  2. mollygeorger
    May 30, 2018 / 8:58 pm


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