The Secret To Brighter Skin

The Secret To Brighter Skin

There are so many amazing ingredients making their way into our skincare. We’ve already seen a powerful shift in the world of skincare products in terms of conscious use of ingredients and 2020 will be no different. The latest buzz on the street surrounds one particular potent vitamin that we’ve all loved for a very long time: Vitamin C. And Vitabrid C¹² knows where it’s at when it comes to incorporating it into skincare. Read on for more!

This post is a collaboration with Vitabrid C¹² ! All thoughts and opinions are my own (read more here on this!).

Vitamin C has so many incredible benefits in both skin care and scalp care. It’s one of the not-so-secret secrets to glowy skin! It helps with anti-aging, skin brightening, collagen synthesis and contains antioxidant. The Korean biotechnology company Vitabrid C¹² has an extremely stable Vitamin C technology in their products which allows your skin to reap all the benefits for 12 hours. I had never tried Vitabrid C¹² before so I used all the products before writing this post so I could let you know what they are about!

I have gotten on the serum train, you guys. I tried them in the past but honestly I didn’t love how most of them created a tight “pulling” sensation on my skin. The texture weirded me out sometimes, too. The iconic Vitabrid C¹² Dual Drop Serum is the first one I’m reaching for so much both morning and night that I keep it on my vanity. It gives me a natural sheen and brightens my face up for a fresh look to last all day. It’s got a nice, smooth consistency and a few drops covers my whole face well compared to other serums that barely spread unless you have 10 drops in your hand! Pretty good value for money if you ask me! If you’d like to try it out, there’s a heavy discount on this serum in the Allure Beauty Box! Get it for $9.90 until March 31st 2020. Just use code ‘ALLURE20’.

This serum delivers powerful benefits. So much of the secret to brighter skin is in the ingredients. The Dual Drop Serum contains Vitamin CG to instantly glow up the skin, Peptibrid, a proprietary peptide delivery technology, to heal damaged skin, provide antioxidant protection, and promotes collagen synthesis. Peptide complexes help proliferate fibroblasts to reduce wrinkles and Plant Stem Cell complexes help with skin regeneration, elasticity, firmness and moisture retention. Glutathione and Resveratrol are anti-aging and deliver anti-oxidant protection. Finally, where would we be without the skin care heavyweight, Hyaluronic Acid, which delivers and locks in hydration from the inside out.

My current go-to evening makeup removal routine is pretty much covered by only a few amazing and effective Vitabrid C¹² products: I start with the Daily-C Balancing Cleansing Balm, which is honestly like a delicious butter on the skin. I rub a small amount into my hands to warm it up and that’s more than enough for removing the bulk of a full makeup day. But, I go the extra step and cleanse any excess off my face by following up with the Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser. This product squeezes out the tube quite solid (think toothpaste almost!) but once in contact with water, it lathers up beautifully for a clean and fresh finish! If I have a little me-time then I’ll reach for an extra pamper session with the Age-Defying Dual Mask. I then apply the Dual Drop Serum followed by the Eye & Face Cream which is smooth, lightweight and nourishing.

As well as skincare on the face, Vitabrid C¹² also make a great Scalp Shampoo which is designed to soothe, hydrate and provide irritation relief to the scalp. I regularly use products like hair volumizer sprays, fixing or texture spray and I find that after a day or two I’m itching or irritated from them sitting on my skin. This is a must-have if you have a sensitive scalp.

Have you tried Vitabrid C¹²? I’m excited they’re coming into the US market online now because their ingredients and technology innovation is incredible. Do you change up your skincare routine? Are you using any Vitamin C infused skincare at the moment? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll catch you around for more adventures on the ‘Gram! Thanks for stopping in!


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