Top 5 Thoughtful New Dad Gifts!

Top 5 Thoughtful New Dad Gifts!

Welcome back! The inspiration for this post came about when, during my pregnancy, I realized that I was the recipient of a lot of sweet compliments & attention as an expecting mama, but Rod (my man!) wasn’t really included in the celebration of impending parenthood. I didn’t like that feeling because we’ve always been a team, partners on all levels and I didn’t enjoy feeling like he was being left out of consideration in the creation of our growing baby. So I endeavored to find him some great gifts/surprises and decided to share a list of my Top 5 Thoughtful New Dad Gifts below! Some are meaningful, others are fun and practical even!

1. 4D Ultrasound Scan

This is a unique, easy and really memorable gift to give papa. Of course, seeing your baby in the womb with all its features and moving around is something really special and bonding for both parents. Just make sure you go around the 30 week mark so that baby has entered the final growth phase and is packing on some cute chubbiness so you can really see him/her well! I went to Peek A View close to where we live in Santa Monica and they gave me a little DVD movie of the scan and lots of photos! It was magical!

2. Dad’s Favorite Childhood Story Book

Most of us have a couple of favorite stories or books from our childhood. My favorite children’s author is Beatrix Potter, I just love the nature in her books and her illustrations. I think getting papa his favorite kiddy tales is a super thoughtful gift so he can relive and share his favorite stories as a child with his own little one.

3. Baby Carrier

This gift is by no means a very original idea but it is SO practical, especially for papas who don’t really vibe with packing up a stroller and pushing baby around in it everywhere! Get a nice gender neutral color like gray, black, beige or dark blue for him to run around town in with baby!

4. Reservations for a Date Night!

Along with all its joys, pregnancy and the preparation for a new baby inevitably shifts your focus as individuals and as a couple. Why not make reservations for a date night, perhaps a movie or dinner (or both?) at one of your favorite restaurants so that you guys can spend some quality time together and reconnect a little bit. Perhaps a romantic weekend getaway somewhere to wind down from all the acceleration of work and changes at home. Remember: it’s so crucial and important to never forget to nurture your love and connection to one another. You are still in a relationship together that grows, changes, has desires and needs. That is, after all, a huge part of how your adorable baby got here in the first place!

5. A Personalized Daddy Bracelet or Chain

I saw this idea while I was browsing Etsy and thought how cute it is for after your sweet baby arrives! There are so many awesome man bracelets and chains/pendants that you can have personalized and engraved for new papa. You could get anything from your child’s name and date of birth etched in or their birth stats etc. Anything with a personal touch to it is always going to be a winner!


Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!

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