Travel Diary: O’ahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii Palm Trees along the beautiful beaches!

Welcome to our Hawaii travel diary! This piece of paradise is a truly spectacular place to visit. Rod and I have a really special connection to this wondrous volcanic archipelago almost half-way across the Pacific Ocean because it was our first stop in the USA just before we decided to make the leap to live in LA. We were in O’ahu for the first time in February 2013, while I was working as one of the faces of the Volkswagen Cabriolet and we found a part of ourselves there. Going back in 2016 was like coming full circle to where our journey began. We had just gotten our Green Cards approved and to add to the joy, we were 9 weeks preggy! It all felt kinda crazy, like who would ever have said 3 years ago we’d be back here with a little bun in the oven!? I picked some photos out – and I admit – there weren’t many fantastic ones because I had a raging case of morning sickness the whole vacation (fun on the beach. not.) and seriously wasn’t in the mood to look all cute and photo-ready. But I tried my best for the sake of taking some snaps home of our last vacation just the two of us before Zoe’s arrival!

Ana Free in Roxy Bikini, Oahu Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii Palm Trees along the beautiful beaches!

Two piece bikini by Roxy. Beach: I don’t know the name but there are many little beaches like this scattered along the South Coast. Explore them!

Lanikai Beach - Oahu, Hawaii - by

One of our favorite beaches is Lanikai Beach, located on the East Coast. It tends to be windier than the South Coast but that also means there are slightly less tourists bustling about along the coastline. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Waikiki.

The shopping scene in Waikiki is massive! There is such a huge range from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel to the high street favorites including H&M and Forever 21. We did a little shopping to distract me from my morning sickness and Rod bought me a cute simple silver ring from Tiffany & Co. as a thank you for working on his Green Card and y’know, carrying his baby and all.

Our trip was slightly different this time in that we stayed in the heart of bustling Waikiki instead of the villas in the countryside. It was great to be close to all the good food stops and amenities but the noise was kind of unbearable! There was a lot of construction going on and often the apartments just have plastic or wooden slats for windows which really don’t block out noise very well.

The highlights of the trip were hiking up to the Manoa Falls (a short hike, good for a little exercise but take mosquito repellent please!), exploring the beaches of the North Shore in more depth, eating amazing fusion Asian food and snorkeling with the sea turtles off the South Coast. Oh and the endless fluffy horizon clouds, turquoise ocean and palm trees. I can’t say enough good things about Hawai’i except that we’ll be going back and exploring other islands! The energy and spirit of the place just feels magical.


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  1. aqueladomar
    August 24, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    Ai Aninhas que bom! Que linda que estás 🙂 Que vontade de ir ao Havai meu Deus! Até jááá

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