Zoe’s First Birthday Party!

Zoe's First Birthday Party, themed pink, gold and white! - thecasualfree.com

Today I’m sharing photos and a recap of Zoe’s first birthday party! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I gave birth to our beautiful little girl. Becoming a mommy has been such a whirlwind of emotion for me, a huge learning curve, yes, but also a natural one after getting the hang of everything. The beginning months had their expected ups and downs as they do for every family with a newborn, but now that Zoe is 1, I look back and wonder where time went into fast-forward? I have to say though, this is an age I am enjoying more, not only because of the better nights of sleep, but also because Zoe is just so aware and her personality is showing through more each day! For Zoe’s first birthday, we went to Portugal to see my parents and family. Grandma and Grandpa were over the moon to see little Zoe again after 6 months! We planned a little get together with a few near and dear friends and, of course, all my family. I can’t wait to get these photos printed out and into good ol’ photo albums! A first birthday party is pretty special!

The little cake table was my favorite part of setting up Zoe’s party. We wanted to add some simple, personal family touches to it, so we placed a framed family photo of us on one side and a framed illustration from Zoe’s upcoming story collection that my father wrote for her while I was pregnant (more on this very soon)! We kept the color theme to baby pink, gold and white for the most part. Filling up some balloons for the cake table really helped to decorate and add textures. We decorated some more with flowers, a party crown, unicorn napkins and a cute boho mirror! Once the cake arrived, the whole table was beautifully balanced!

Zoe’s birthday cake was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s (trust me, this is important coming from a girl who doesn’t like birthday cake)! It was made by my sweet and talented friend Margarida Quintão, who runs her own incredible cake business, MaguiCakes. The filling was chocolate, carrot and almond with a sweet sugar paste outside! The decorations were my favorite part, it all made me so emotional. We asked Maggie to make it Winnie-The-Pooh themed since Zoe has been into him lately and she even made a little banner with Zoe’s name across it. And what first birthday party is complete without some cake pops to spread on the table!? Maggie made these using left over cake filling and they were like a tiny bits of cake heaven! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, personalized and special cake for our baby’s first birthday party, so huge shout-out and thank you to MaguiCakes!

Zoe's First Birthday Party, themed pink, gold and white! - thecasualfree.com 

I feel blessed to have spent Zoe’s first brithday party day with our close and dear loved ones! Also, I really want to thank you all for coming by and keeping up with the things I share here on my blog. Posts like this are a memory bank for these special times in our lives. There’s always so much going on and, in the digital age, we often forget to take our millions of photos off our phones and cameras to store. Putting these posts together really helps to remind me how important it is to be present and enjoy precious moments in life. Hope you guys have an amazing week and let’s connect on Instagram!



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  1. mollygeorger
    May 30, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    The cuteness overload is real here.. congratulations to you guys x

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